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IPICS conference

from 28 Sep 2012 to 07 Oct 2012

The big organisational event 2012 for me has ended. Two years of work, with the support of Floralis, which allowed for an easy happening of a very nice conference.

I had the luck of an exceptional weather, making that the 230 participants coming from 23 different countries could enjoy at the same time exciting scientific discussions and a fantastic environment favoring informal discussions aside from plenary presentations.

Several participants told me when leaving that it was by far the best conference that they attended until now. That's the kind of words warming my heart very high, a true dream for an organizer...

The conference was followed by the "oldest ice" workshop organized by Eric Wolff and IPICS in a conference centre next to ours. A unique opportunity for us to coordinate at international level the big challenge of the ice core community for the coming decade.

Jérôme Chappellaz